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Let’s watch a video by Biological Genetic Human Sex Variance

In “The Five Sexes” Fausto-Sterling argued that humans do not all fall naturally into neat binary categories of male/female stating, “…that there are not simply two sexes, Why? sex is not just one thing; there are many different variables that go into making it: GENES: X and Y chromosomes HORMONES: estrogen, androgens GONADS: ovaries, testes GENITAL: clitoris, penis SECONDARY: hair, breasts; (BEHAVIOR, gendered).” (as cited in Poljakovic, Ivan, Dodig, Goran, 2015, Butler, 1990, p. 6).

Biological or physical sex is described by Fausto-Sterling (2000) as internal and external characteristics of an individual, “Males have an X and a Y chromosome, testes, a penis and all of the appropriate internal plumbing for delivering urine and semen to the outside world…muscular and facial hair such as, a beard. Women have two X chromosomes, a vagina, breasts, ovaries, all the internal plumbing to transport urine and ova to the outside world, a system to support pregnancy and fetal development” (Fausto-Sterling, 2000, cited in Zinn, Hondagneu-Sotelo & Messner, 2005, para. p. 14).

Not only is our society made up of men and women, but also it incorporates individuals who are genetically, physically and hormonally different. A person can be born as male and female where the biological sex results in being intersex.

When it comes to sex Fausto-Sterling (2000) noted, “…the two-sex system embedded in our society is not adequate to encompass the full spectrum of human sexuality (cited in Zinn, Hondagneu-Sotelo & Messner, 2005, p. 14). She suggested in her paper, “The Five Sexes” that our society should not only accept and focus on males and females, but also, hermaphrodites, male pseudo-hermaphrodites, and female pseudo-hermaphrodites. The intersexed.”

McLoed (2014) commented, “Today we accept a lot more diversity and see gender as a continuum (i.e. scale) rather than two categories. So men are free to show their “feminine side” and women are free to show their “masculine traits. The biological approach suggests there is no distinction between sex & gender, thus biological sex creates gendered behavior. Gender is determined by two biological factors: hormones and chromosomes.”

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