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“Queer,” Sedgwick  writes, “…Seems to hinge . . . radically and explicitly on a person’s undertaking particular, performative acts of experimental self-perception and filiation,” whereas, “‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ still  themselves (however delusively) as objective, empirical categories governed by empirical rules of evidence (however contested)” (as cited in Beroiza, Roof & Allen, 2013-2014, p. 99). Beroiza, Roof & Allen (2013-2014) commented, The idea is that, because lesbian and gay are explicitly tied to binary gender categories, they do not afford individuals the same freedom to subjectively challenge normative assumptions that queer does (p.100)

Oluwafemi (2016) stated, “This theory is important because the term “queer” is not defined, and this allows the inclusion of other forms of sexuality aside from gays and lesbians. The implication of this is that queer theory allows room for the exploration and examination of other forms of sexual expressions that have been unheard of for a long time”.

Garwood (2016) reported, “Queer Theory, with roots in Poststructuralism, works to deconstruct the normative notions of and established binaries surrounding “male/female, masculine/feminine, heterosexual/homosexual”, “real families/pseudo families” to name a few (Valocchi, 2005, p. 752; Kuvalanka and Goldberg, 2009, p. 905).  Cohen (cited in Sullivan, 2003, p. 49), Queer “recognizes how numerous systems of oppression interact to regulate…the lives of most people”. (p.6)


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