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Sexuality Theories

Atanda, Oluwafemi (2016) commented, “Natural law theory was championed by philosophers and theologians (such as Thomas Aquinas and Plato) and their early views on sexuality (George, 2001). Natural law theorists believe that a moral sexual act is the one that results in offspring. Malloy (1981: 328) says, “I am convinced that the homosexual way of life…is irreconcilable with the Christian way of life. Natural law theorists put theology and procreation at the centre of their arguments”. 

According to The Essentialist Theory, same-sex attraction is natural rather than culturally or historically constructed. The proponents of this theory believe that there are differences in how different societies express same-sex attractions but this does not mean that it is ‘unnatural’ (Horowitz and Newcomb, 2002) (para Oluwafemi (2016). It was also reported, “Essentialism is entrenched in the biological model perspective that maintains that homosexual identities are innate to the individual (Mosher, 2001; Kitzinger and Wilkinson, 1995).


Let’s listen to a poem on being Asexual

Social Constructionist Theory

Oluwafemi (2016) also mentioned, “In contrast to essentialism is social constructionism. This theory was championed and popularised by the writings of Michel Foucault and Mary McIntosh”. Social constructionism asserts that people construct their sexual identities within the context of their social settings and lived encounters (Valentine, 2002). Social constructionist theorists are of the opinion that through regular interaction, people define their identities allowing their ‘true selves’ to emerge (Gammon and Isgro, 2007; Valentine, 2002).

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