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As of 20 July, 2020, four states are requiring public schools to teach LGBTQQI history. (para, Minero, 2018).

The constructs of gender, sex and sexuality and their definitions have become more complicated as time goes on. Question: Is our society based on compulsory heterosexuality?  

Question: Is our society based on compulsory heterosexuality?


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Ballard-Reisch (2016) commented,”…biological sex and social expectations about how the sexes will behave are not imperatives, but rather associations and expectations” (p. 8). Furthermore, van Anders (2015) reported,”Sexual orientation is largely used as the primary way to describe a person’s sexuality” (Katz-Wise & Hyde, 2014; Rosario & Schrimshaw, 2014). Since understandings of sexual orientation generally revolve around gender, this means that gender is the defacto foundation for categorizing sexuality” (p. 1177).

In other words, sex+culture=gender is an equation that seems to be the basis for thinking, sexual orientation+culture=sexual identity (p. 1178, van Anders (2015).

It appears there is the inseparability of sex–gender–sexuality that shows how these are constrained by particular constellations of identity categories and the availability of particular discursive resources (para, Youdell, 2005, p. 268).

Does Gender Matter

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